Separable verbs chinese

In the translations above, many of these words would be considered intransitive verbs in English, meaning to they do not require an object e. Other verbs are best considered transitive verbs in English, meaning that they usually require an object e. I have bought some stuff. He has driven before. He has drunk alcohol before. My friend helped me. My friend rode my bicycle.

The grammatical structures, as far as the Chinese language is concerned, is the same. Some teachers and textbooks, in an effort to emphasise that in many sentences Chinese verbs take objects more often than in comparable English sentences, lead students to believe that verbs should always take an object.

But in many Chinese sentences, particularly sentences where context is clear, the object in a Verb-Object Phrase is often unnecessary. This is misleading. Double-Character Verbs e.

Moreover, many Double-Character Verbs can also take an object. Confusingly, sometimes Double-Character Verbs can be abbreviated to their first character, yet still retain the same meaning. In some sentences, this abbreviation does not require an object, but in other sentences an object can be used. This is a huge problem for learners, who will not be able to confidently manipulate verbs unless the distinction is clear. My advice for students is to always ask teachers whether a newly introduced two character word is in fact a Double-Character Verb or a Verb-Object Phrase.

Usually, a phrasal verb in English involves a verb followed by a preposition or directional element; an object can sometimes be placed between these two parts of the phrasal verbs.

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Turn the TV off. He took the car away. Did you pick the newspaper up? In Chinese, verb phrases that involve prepositions are usually expressed using entirely different grammatical formations; namely, Verb Compliments sometimes known as Coverbs e. As in any language, there are sometimes exceptions in actual spoken language that cannot be explained by generalised grammar rules. However, this is not always the case. There are no rules, to my knowledge, that can explain exceptions like this one.

I would like to thank my Chinese teacher, Andy, for helping me understand this topic. The Code of Chinese Verbs, p. New Practical Chinese Reader: Textbook 3, p. Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1, p. Thank you for your long and thorough article. Even if I then look up the meaning of the second character it is often still ambiguous to me, since many characters seem to have the possibility of being both verbs or nouns depending on their use.

Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.In fact, you could also simply call separable verbs "verb-object phrases. Separable verbs are "verb-object phrases. The verb alone must be treated as a verb, and the object cannot be treated as part of the verb. The first step in mastering separable verbs is knowing which verbs are actually separable verbs.

What makes them especially hard is that the "object" part of each word seem to have no counterpart in English. Below we will introduce separable verbs in more detail, provide more examples, and also offer more specific cases which can trip up learners. So it can be correct in multiple places.

Reduplication is a way to express the casual nature of a verb or that it happens only briefly. When it comes to separable verbs, only the verb part reduplicates. The object needs to be something specific if you want to make the topic clear. If separable verbs are simply verb-object phrases, then why the special name?

It's because there are some special features of Chinese verb-object phrases worth special attention, and the name "separable verbs" helps call attention to this. Mastering separable verbs can be a little tricky and is an essential objective of the intermediate B1 level learner of Chinese. Separable verbs are just one of those things you can't avoid. In addition, you will continue to encounter new separable verbs, and being already familiar with the concept makes mastering new words much easier.

There is some debate as to how useful the concept of separable verbs really is. For our purposes, we're only concerned with whether or not separable verbs are a useful concept for the student of Mandarin Chinese. Many learners do, in fact, find the concept to be quite useful in helping them speak more natural Chinese.

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For more information on how to legally use this content, please see our Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. View View source History. Describing actionsReferring to the presentReferring to the pastReferring to past experiencesReferring to changes of situation. I don't have time to meet. I don't have time to meet you. I'll meet him tomorrow. I don't want to marry her. You still haven't apologized to me. We met yesterday. We've met. We had a meeting in the morning.

Have you had the meeting yet? We're having a meeting right now. He came to my house yesterday and he ate a meal with us.Chinese Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Chinese language. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Searching the internet I have managed to collect a list of 65 verbs which of course is not enough. I agree with the earlier answerbut I had the same question! According to Modern Chinese Dictionary 5ththere are separable words in chinese. You sure you want to get a list of them?

It's a huge group and I don't believe anyone can give you a complete list. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 7 months ago.

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separable verbs chinese

I don't think it helps much even when you have this list on hand, because it is very hard to memorize the list. Do you also need a list of all nouns, a list of all verbs, etc.? No, you don't need those lists. My suggestion is that you look up a new verb and most dictionaries will tell you if it is separable verb or not. You can also pay attention to how other people use verbs.

You will collect those verbs over time. I would say most of this kind of phrases are separable, meaning you can put additional stuff in between.

Jul 20 '14 at This is not for learning but for automatic text processing tasks. Specialized dictionaries save a lot of manual work. Show 1 more comments.

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Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Being a native speaker, I never really paid attention to separable verbs at least not before I learned Germanbut the second link was very interesting! The second link is indeed interesting and true - separable verb is a noticeable pattern only when comparing Chinese with another language. It's merely statistical results for idiomatic verb-object usages instead of an intrinsic property of the language.

Oct 24 '15 at Add a comment. Sean C.

Separable verb

I can give you even a longer list. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

separable verbs chinese

Sign up using Facebook.Little Dragon, here's a question for you. When you see a two-character word, you take it at face value and assume it's a single block, right? In a lot of cases, you are right to leave the two characters that make up the word together: they have no business being apart. But did you know that some word blocks are different and can be split into two in a sentence?

These words are called separable verbsa name which describes verbs that can be separated into two parts. The Chinese sure like to use them when talking, so it's an important thing to know. Want to see how separable verbs can be split into two? Let's show you! Separable verbs can either be used as a single verb or as two separate words, one being the verb, the other becoming the Object. It is therefore not as easy to imagine these verbs are actually "verb and object" units in Chinese.

It can be used as a single verb, like so:. The object part, however, cannot, nor can it be used as a verb. For instance, you can say:. Now that you know what a separable verb is, you might be wondering: why do separable verbs separate? It's like a secret club. See, these grammar words love the verb. The Object is relegated to after the grammar word. Separable verbs are a tight unit. The Verb already has an Objectfirmly thinks the Object.

No Object with a separable verb. The lesson: For sane and safe sentences, always pay attention to the fact a separable verb cannot take an other object. It already contains an Object. Separable verbs are fine with reduplicating verbs to show how brief the action was or to relax the tone.

The verb can go out on its own, but the Object cannot do the same as a verb. The same goes here. The result?

separable verbs chinese

Only the verb can be duplicated. Who are we to butt in, right? Walk a little, swim a little. There'll be drinking, chatting, singing and eating at his birthday party. Don't worry, I'll help and you'll get there.Even more advanced students of Chinese may find this confusing. They are different from general verbs, and may seem like one of the most difficult aspects of the Chinese language. I will illustrate for you what separable words are, how to use them in sentences, and explain the contrasts between separable words and general verbs.

Besides the detailed explanation about the Separable Words, you can also check more HSK3 related grammar tutorial videos at here. These two characters can be used together, such as:.

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He has difficulties, we should do him a favor. General verbs cannot be separated under any circumstances. Notice, however, you can use only one of the characters, such as:. I want to help him. But how do you judge whether a word is separable or not?

Here is a trick: The first character of a separable word often indicates an action, and the second character is often a noun which is affected by the action word in front. For example:. These all belong to separable words.

(见,完,到,错)Intro to Verb Complements 动词补语 - Chinese Grammar Simplified 305

But this trick does not work for all separable words. It must still be said that the most effective way to know separate words is through experience and daily learning. Here are some examples:. We have met each other. She has been married two times. He read the book for an hour. Hearing this news, she got angry. But the two characters of general words cannot be separated.

Instead, we can put modifiers behind or after the general verbs. Some examples:. He has studied this problem. I revised this article three times. We discussed this item for a whole morning.Kips I suppose most books are just as boring for you.

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Chinese Common Separable Verbs - 汉语中常用的离合词

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